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Introducing the Maxillume x500 Extreme Flood Light - The most powerful flood light we have ever made

Published: Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lumitec, a leading designer and manufacturer of extreme environment LED lighting solutions, officially announces the launch of their new Maxillume x500 Extreme Flood Light.

Where others make claims, Maxillume x500 delivers. 50,000 (FIFTY THOUSAND) true measured lumens. For ship board applications, fixed locations, or terrestrial vehicles, the Maxillume x500 illuminates your work space and beyond. Unlike high pressure sodium or HID, Maxillume x500 delivers clean, bright light without hot-restrike issues or work shut downs related to blown bulbs or ballasts. Conforms to UL STD.1598, fully sealed and tested for shock and vibration.  

The new Maxullume x500 Extreme Flood Light is now available at a list price of $3,449.00, additional information is available upon request.

Headquartered in Delray Beach, Fla., Lumitec is an engineering and design firm solely focused on the conceptualization, development, and manufacture of high-quality, extreme environment LED lighting. Lumitec LED fixtures are designed with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the lights’ true expected life and use, combining cohesive functionality and style to guarantee superior, long-lasting products. Lumitec provides full engineering capabilities including a full electrical and optics lab. Lumitec proudly does all of their design, testing, and manufacturing at their R&D headquarter offices in Florida.

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