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Classic Corner: 6 Years Trying to Convince You

Published: Thursday, November 16, 2017
By: Captain Dennis J. Mykols

It’s hard to believe this is my 36th edition of the “Classic Corner” since I started writing this column in the Winter Issue of 2012. At that time, I had one goal in mind: to entice our Great Lakes Scuttlebutt readership to consider giving the antique and classic boating hobby some consideration. Maybe our readers would attend a local classic boat show or read articles discussing how inexpensive getting into the hobby can be.  Maybe our readers could simply be informed of the various types of classic boating related hobbies there are to enjoy, such as antique outboard motors or collecting antique chrome hardware.

I have been blessed with being a boater all my life. I learned how to drive our 14-foot Wolverine outboard when I was just four years old and I got my own first boat, an 8 foot “pancake racer”, when I was in sixth grade. I have had a career in the marine industry for the past 25 years, including owning a marina, as well as being active in the classic boating scene for the past several years.

During all those years, I met some unique people, and visited some of the most beautiful harbors around the world.

Starting with our next issue, the Winter Issue 2018, I will begin a new twist of story lines. I will be writing about those interesting people, unique businesses, and special places I have found that you may want to visit. I hope to mirror my ongoing goal of enticing more of the general boating community into the classic boating hobby.

As this boating year ends, I want to thank our publisher, Erik Kyle, in affording me this valuable full-page space to bring these stories to you each issue.

Another big thank you goes out to our top notch creative designer, Andrea Rodriguez-Ahl. The page she creates for me each issue blows me away. It always ties into my storylines and draws our readers in to see what this issue’s column is about. I simply send her the text for the story, and several pictures that I think will reinforce what I wrote about, and — BAM — she creates the finished page. Thanks, Andrea, for making me look so good!

So, my wife Ronnie and I would like to wish all our readership a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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