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Scanmar International, Inc. Launches Its Latest Version of AnchorRescue at the Seattle Boat Show

Published: Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Scanmar International, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of windvane self-steering and

emergency rudder systems for recreational sailboats, launched the latest version of

AnchorRescueTM, its anchor recovery system, at the Seattle Boat Show. The product is

engineered to recover fouled anchors safely and reliably using normal retrieval methods while

helping ensure the boat owner’s investment in expensive ground tackle is protected.

“Successful anchor retrieval in the Northwest’s favorite anchorages can be challenging to sailors

and powerboaters alike due to the risk of fouling on cables and other debris left from logging

operations” says Mike Scheck, President of Scanmar.  Described as “the smart alternative to a

trip line”, the AnchorRescueTM is a two part system – one part stays attached to the anchor at all

times and the other is sent down to the anchor only when it becomes fouled, allowing for

effective recovery.

"Boaters rarely take the time to rig a trip line every time they drop anchor and the trip-able

anchors can compromise the safety and security of the boat," says Scheck.  AnchorRescue

attaches to a boat’s existing anchor system, and once installed, the product requires no

additional setup, does not compromise the existing anchor system, and can never

unintentionally trip the anchor.

“The cost of replacing an anchor and rode often far exceed that of replacement, assuming you

can find a replacement,” says Scheck.  “Because you’ve lost your primary anchor and are now

relying on your backup, safety can be an issue.”

AnchorRescueTM is currently available in three sizes and is matched to an anchor's chain size.

Designed for the marine environment and made in the USA, AnchorRescue's moving parts are

comprised of US manufactured 316 stainless steel and the product carries a one-year warranty.

For over 30 years, Scanmar International, Inc. has been helping cruisers safely cross the

world’s oceans with its self-steering systems and emergency rudders.

Scanmar is headquartered in Richmond, California. 

To see how AnchorRescue works, go to

For more information and dealer inquiries:

Mike Scheck, President

Scanmar International, Inc.

[email protected]

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