Rocna Anchors Has Another Satisfied Customer

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Rocna Anchors Has Another Satisfied Customer

This is a Special Episode and we are really excited to show it to you now! We have put a lot of love and time into this one ;-) When we were in St Lucia we finally managed to get our hands on a brand new 25kg Rocna anchor. We mounted it and straight away we noticed a huge difference!

The new anchor digs in straight away and slowly and steadily we start trusting our anchor again. No more anchoring at the very back of the mooring field just because we don't trust our anchor and no more paying for marinas just because we can't get the anchor to set properly.

We are super happy to team up with Rocna in this video, in exchange for our thoughts on their product they gave us a better price.

Hope you like the episode! And as always, please share your thoughts. We love hearing what you think :-)

Much love, Chris, Steffi and the Lil Captain
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