Playlist: 2019 Novi Boat Show

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Interviews - Great Lakes Boat Shows

Playlist: 2019 Novi Boat Show

Companies in this playlist include:

Touchless Cover: Rob from Touchless Cover of Southeast Michigan give us the details of how versatile and useful their automatic boat covers are!

Impact Fenders: Courtney from Impact Fender shows us these GREAT new boat fenders at the 2019 Novi Boat Show!

Rustic Marine: We got to talk with Lindsay from Rustic Marine at the 2019 Novi Boat Show, and they really have some great custom made collectibles!

Big Ship Salvage: If you're looking for highly decorative and very beautiful marine oriented light fixtures and other marine decor - look no further!

MBIA:  We caught up with Amanda from the Michigan Boating Industries Association and got some details on the new marketplace their implementing at the Michigan Boat Shows lately!



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