Playlist: 2019 Minneapolis Boat Show

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Interviews - Great Lakes Boat Shows

Playlist: 2019 Minneapolis Boat Show

Companies in this playlist include:

Aqua Hammocks:  If relaxing in the sun and shade, on your dock or your boat is "kinda your thing", well then, you've got to see this!

Nauti Steps:  If you're looking for a way to keep sand, dirt and mud from feet - off your boat, look no further!

Dock Bot: Bryan from Dock Bot gets us up to speed on their new product line coming out, including security cams, boat automation, and dock automation.

ELUX Marine: Bart from ELUX Marine gets us up to speed on their line of fully electric pontoon boats.

Python Rope Cinch: If you use ropes and bumpers on your boat then this is for you! Don't settle for good enough!

Sentry Boat Fenders: Chris from Mission Boat Gear, gets us the details on what makes their Sentry Boat Fenders the better solution to most boats' fender needs!

Barletta Pontoon Boats:  If you know about RV pull outs, and ever thought to yourself, "where else can that technology be used?"

Zebra Mussel Mania: Del explains how his product will help to rid you of the Zebra Mussels on the bottom of your boat, or anywhere else you need to apply his product!

Aqua Weed Stick: Michaela gets us up to speed on her invention for removing weeds and debris from the bottom of your boat,


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