May 14 - Great Lakes Updates from Formula Boats

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May 14 - Great Lakes Updates from Formula Boats

Scott Smith, the Marketing Manager of Formula Boats, joins Erik Kyle, Publisher of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt, to discuss Formula's processes and the effects on the marine industry on the Great Lakes.

1:24 - What has Formula been doing since early March when the pandemic hit?
1:45 - There is a lot of confidence that the boating industry will bounce back.
2:31 - Scott discusses the actions that should be avoided when boating
3:23 - Scott discusses the new 38 foot outboard powerboat that is in R&D
5:10 - The new powerboat might be the fastest powerboat Formula has made yet!
6:59 - How to stay up to date on Formula and their new models.

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This interview took place on May 14, 2020.


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