May 04 - Great Lakes Boating Updates from Nicki Polan with MBIA

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May 04 - Great Lakes Boating Updates from Nicki Polan with MBIA

Nicki Polan, the Executive Director of the non-profit Michigan Boating Industries Association, joins Erik Kyle, Publisher of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt, to discuss the marine industry in Michigan. Michigan is the 3rd largest marine market in the country and contains the 3rd largest number of registered boaters (without even considering paddlecraft), and the MBIA makes efforts to represent the industry at large.

0:50 - What is the MBIA and what do you do?
1:35 - Boating is now allowed in Michigan, but make sure you are following the governor's guidelines.
2:40 - is experiencing an increase in visitation, showing increased consideration for boating.
3:46 - Nicki discusses the economic impacts of boating to the state of Michigan.
4:08 - Why does the MBIA support requiring boat registration from paddlecraft boaters?
5:41 - What have you seen from the 350+ marine businesses you represent in response to COVID-19?
6:17 - MBIA made efforts to educate Governor Whitmer about the extensive time it takes for businesses to complete spring commissioning for clientele.
6:45 - MRAA is one partner group that provides excellent resources for boaters use to boat safely.
7:47 - Nicki shares recommendations on how to protect the boating season & avoid a second surge in pandemic shutdowns.
8:57 - What is the current plan for the Metro Boat Show this fall?
10:28 - How could boaters help support the efforts of the MBIA?

Resources for people who want to get into boating:
More information about the Michigan Boating Industries Assoc:
An action guide for boat dealers on how to react to COVID-19:
For boaters who want information about boating in Michigan:

This interview took place on Monday, May 04, 2020.


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