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Today's Date: Friday, November 08, 2019
What is it about this outboard that has so many people excited?

In terms of safety, diesel engines are undoubtedly less flammable than their gasoline counterparts. But, until now, no one has succeeded in creating a high-powered, commercially rated diesel outboard that was light and compact enough to compete with existing gasoline models.

Meet the world's first 300hp diesel outboard >>>

News Image 1 Improve Your Boat’s Performance With An Outboard Motor Bracket
Proven in testing, installing one of these custom brackets increases fuel economy up to 23% increase by reducing the amount of fuel consumed. Plus, you increase deck space and reduce the risk of shipping water over the transom while backing down on a fish.
News Image 2 Two Dealers Bring Extreme Boats To The Great Lakes
Extreme Boats feature a Lake Erie chop-smashing deep-vee with a very high chine. The reverse chine size and placement provides unmatched stability for any boat in its class, plus Extreme doubled down on stability even further with a flooded center keel.
News Image 3 Calling All Future Boating Journalists
The annual BWI Scholarship Fund was created by GLS Columnist Dan Armitage and fellow pros to honor undergraduate college students from any major who demonstrate a passion for the field of boating media and have a clear career goal to pursue this field.
News Image 4 Michigan Pledges $8M to Asian Carp Barrier in Illinois
Taking action took on added urgency with the Nov. 1 announcement that 76 of 414 water samples from waters connected to Lake Michigan tested positive for environmental DNA (eDNA) for invasive carp.
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Get To A Higher Level Of Service With Coastal Yacht Detailing

There’s nothing wrong with cleaning your boat yourself, or paying a good ol’ boy from your neighborhood to do it for you – as long as you remember that you get what you pay for. For those boaters that carry superior style and want top-notch, stress-free service, consider yourself home.

Discover high-end detailing services with CYD >>>

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