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Today's Date: Friday, March 15, 2019
Deep Glow Underwater Lighting
Family Fun Made Budget Friendly

STINGRAY Boats is proudly celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019. The company began in 1979 in the small southern town of Hartsville, SC, with little more than two molds, a few skilled craftsmen, and a man with a passion to build great boats that families could afford. A few things have changed at STINGRAY over the years, but the company’s main objective remains.

Building great boats families can afford >>>

News Image 1 The 360CC Center Console - Sailfish Boats' Latest & Largest Addition to their Lineup
Combining remarkable innovation and impeccable quality, meet the new flagship center console, the 360CC. The largest, most feature-rich boat in the Sailfish family, the 360CC is on the leading-edge of center console design.
News Image 2 Great Lakes Charter Training Turns 30
Offering training and test proctoring across the United States, Great Lakes Charter Training has given thousands of boating individuals new opportunities to turn passions for the water into money making opportunities.
News Image 3 From Fairport Harbor To Milan
Tartan has been the choice of discerning sailors for nearly 60 years. Tim Jackett continues to draw great looking classic American-style sailing yachts. These timeless designs will continue to turn heads for decades to come.
News Image 4 The Future Of Boating
A true diesel/electric hybrid, Greenline Yachts was started in 2009 and, from the very beginning, was designed with environmentally conscious boaters in mind.
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DESTINATION: Getting To Know Green Bay

Green Bay is Wisconsin’s oldest settlement. The very first visitors to Greater Green Bay were successful entrepreneurs. From beaver pelts for European hat makers in the 1600s to the invention of the world’s first splinter-free toilet paper in the early 1900s, our ancestors used the area’s waterways to grow the community’s prosperity.

Green Bay has ample opportunities to keep every boater busy >>>

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