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Published: Tuesday, September 23, 2014



clientuploads/news/September_2014/PlasticPump.jpgGreat for handling routine or emergency jobs, Beckson's Handy-Mate® pumps are designed for a variety of uses. The 212PC Pump is particularly suited to remove oil from engine crankcases when it needs changing. The winterization process is easier with a Handy-Mate 212PC Pump. The Handy Mate® is made entirely of tough marine plastic. It will not rust or corrode, is non-sparking for safety, and requires no priming to start pumping action. The pump body has a diameter of 1-1/2", and it is fitted with a comfortable molded handle for easy, no-strain operation.The versatile 212PC pumps come with two intake tubes, measuring 1/2" x 22" and 1/4" x 36". It also comes with a discharge tube which is 1-1/4" x 10", a reducing foot and adapter. The smaller 1/4" tube is provided to insert into the dipstick hole for pumping out warm, not hot, oil. The 212PC Pump measures 12-3/4" long and pumps 8 oz. per stroke. For over 50 years, Beckson has manufactured high-quality, all-plastic hand pumps. The family of pumps has grown to include siphon and diaphragm action pumps.

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