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Published: Sunday, October 12, 2014 7:00 am

 When my husband and I decided to buy a new sailboat, we had to consider all the extraneous                                                               clientuploads/news/October2014/kim_ken.jpg

costs—slip fees, insurance, upkeep, winterization, launch fees, winter storage. It really adds up.

Especially considering we have only so much vacation time, so the boat would be sitting at the

dock most summer days. It was hard to justify, not to mention to afford our dream boat.

Thankfully, a friend suggested the Great Lakes Sailing Co. Having a boat in their charter fleet

is the best of both worlds—we get the sailing time we want, on our own boat, without all

the work and upkeep. Dave and Kristen and the staff take care of everything! Best of all, the

partnership has made it much more affordable. Even in a short sailing season, the revenues

greatly offset the cost of ownership and we still get ample use time on our boat.

Being a Hunter dealer made the process convenient and their years of sailing experience were

invaluable as they guided us through the process of choosing the right boat, sharing the pros

and cons of various options, and outfitting it with the proper safety equipment. The first time

we saw our new boat it was ready to sail!

Dave went above and beyond, spending the time to make sure we knew our boat, top to

bottom, and that everything was exactly as we wanted. They even went sailing with us, training

us and our friends on all the safety features, and, of course, to practice docking.

Our biggest concern at first, though, was having strangers sail our boat, but we quickly came to

trust that our investment is in good hands. At Great Lakes Sailing Co. they vet every charterer

to be sure they are competent and qualified. Most people who charter from them are repeat

customers. Many attended their sailing school and they’ve known them for years. That’s the

benefit of partnering with a company that offers this range of sailing services. If a charterer

needs a refresher for docking, anchoring or any aspect of cruising, Great Lakes Sailing Co. has

12 licensed captains on staff to ensure they are comfortable and confident before starting their

charter. And this is above and beyond the standard screening and charter briefing.

Sure, we’ve had some gorgeous, sunny days when we’d like to be sailing, but the trade-off is

immeasurable. Our experience so far with Great Lakes Sailing Co. has been nothing short of

fantastic! They are true professionals, but more importantly, they’ve made us feel like part of

the family.

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