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Winterize with Confidence using the Proven “Pure” Fuel Stabilizer - STOR-N-START

Published: Monday, October 2, 2017

MDR’s unique product assuredly does the tough primary job required of a long-term stabilizer in E10 gasoline. It prevents gum and resin deposits from accruing, protects a boat’s engine against sticky valves, clogged filters, and clogged fuel injectors, in addition to preventing plugged-up carburetors.

The state-of-the art formula is comprised of a series of anti-oxidants, each of which fights-off gum and resin formation at different chemical stages of development. A metal deactivator is the only adjunct to the “pure” stabilizer, but it is there basically to neutralize the acceleration process of the gum formation.

STOR-N-START, the “pure” stabilizer, does not contain any of the typical potpourri of products found in many of the stabilizers on the market that claim to be suited to year-round usage. Included in those other products are injector cleaners, valve lubricants, carburetor cleaners, metal deactivators, water inhibitors, anti-knock compounds, etc., all of which do very little in a fuel system whose engine is shut-down for long-term storage. Actually many of these items may drop-out of solution in the E-10 gasoline during long-term, cold winter storage, thereby adding to the gum, resin, and even sludge problem. Also, MDR’s product is designed to work best with the winter grade of gasoline mandated by the EPA.

The next thing to be sure to do when winterizing is to employ MDR’s Basket with Damp Away’s patented tablet to remove moisture so as to prevent mold and mildew from building-up during storage.

When the boat is ready to go back into the water after storage, if there is concern that water may have collected in the fuel tank and caused phase-separation, it can be checked out by using MDR’s Water Probe test. A positive test result simply requires the addition of MDR’s E-Zorb to restore the E-10 gasoline to its original state, while combining it all with the water acquired. No, there’s nothing magical about it, as others have implied, just good old simple chemistry.

Finally, when the spring gas arrives in May and one is ready for the first fill-up of the season, that’s when to start to use MDR’s PEP — the in-season, short-term storage product with its battery of components that will be consumed in short order and before any settling might occur.

Happy Boating! Any questions, give us a call at 973-754-7087 or visit today to place your order.

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