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What Makes A Sea Ray, A Sea Ray?

Sea Ray Celebrates 60 Years of Remarkably Crafted Boats A Commentary by Sea Ray President, Brad Anderson

Published: Thursday, June 13, 2019

Somewhere in between the long list of life’s to-dos, there exists a small sliver of time. Yet, it’s this part that, while tiny in comparison, takes up the most room in our hearts and memories. It’s the part you save for the things you love. It’s the part that makes you feel alive and fully present. And you do all you can to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of every single second.

Since 1959, Sea Ray has understood how vital this time is to you. How a weekend afternoon with the water stretched out before you is the most rewarding part of your week. It’s this understanding that defines everything we do – and what makes a Sea Ray, a Sea Ray. From craftsmanship you can feel in your hands and see in every square inch; to innovations that delight and make your experiences more effortless; to service that keeps you out there, living in the moment -- because while we do build and engineer the finest boats in the world, what we are really building and engineering is the ability to make the most of the sacred time you have.

As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, Sea Ray continues to be an industry leader in sport boats and cruisers while discovering innovations to enhance the boating experience. Since establishing the large day boat category with the introduction of the original SLX 350, we decided to build on the success of the SLX series with a brand-new model. Earlier this year at the Miami International Boat Show, we launched the all-new SLX 350 and unveiled the limited-edition SLX-R 350 Outboard. We believe that richer moments on the water lead to a richer life. Following our Five Pillars, we are committed to making each moment exceptional.

Inspired Design

When you see a Sea Ray, you know it. And it’s love at first sight. That’s because every Sea Ray is designed with timeless, yet current, Sea Ray styling. But a Sea Ray is more than just style, it’s also designed with a deep understanding of consumer needs and an anticipation of their desires. Our staff of naval architects, engineers and designers strive to make every interaction on a Sea Ray feel natural and seamless. And we continue to set new industry benchmarks for thoughtful and modern design. It’s all in the pursuit of creating an experience that’s perfectly, distinctively Sea Ray.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Sea Ray has always been obsessed with details because, like you, we’re sticklers for perfection. The meticulous stitching, the superior fabrics, the enduring materials, the refined accents - every detail has helped us build a reputation that’s synonymous with quality. Sea Ray boats combine the mastery of craftsmanship with the precision of industry-leading technology for a caliber of construction you won’t find anywhere else. And, our strict testing protocols make sure every Sea Ray lives up to its name and everything it stands for.

Unrivaled Support

No one else in the industry is as committed to keeping you out on the water, living in the moment. That’s why you’ll find a level of support and commitment to customer satisfaction that’s unmatched by any other marine manufacturer. We earn more awards for performance, quality, and customer satisfaction than any other marine brand. With an industry-leading warranty and 24/7 call-support, you can be confident that Sea Ray stands beside you.

Elevated Experiences

Buying a Sea Ray is more than buying a boat, it’s embracing a lifestyle. From the very first moment you become part of the Sea Ray Owners Club, you’ll experience everything life on the water should be. You’ll get access to exclusive events in fantastic settings around the world where you’ll socialize with fellow enthusiasts. You’ll be granted premium benefits and incentives, and you’ll be part of a passionate online and onboard community that’s all about celebrating life on the water.

Effortless Performance

A Sea Ray always performs with grace. Every ride is engineered to be agile, responsive, intuitive and as powerful as you want it to be. On a Sea Ray, your ride is smooth and quiet, with everything controlled except the adrenaline rush. It’s built to handle with confidence, whether you’re towing a wakeboarder or effortlessly maneuvering up to the dock. Escape or adventure, both are seamlessly delivered.



As our future continues, look for more Sea Ray model evolutions and leading-edge advancements to complement how you experience boating.

This article first appeared in the Launch Issue (May/Jun) 2019 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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