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What if the only part of boating you needed to think about was enjoying the water?

Published: Monday, August 7, 2017

M.E. Yacht Restoration’s refusal to cut corners, to use second-rate facilities, or to dictate your launch schedule makes boating easy. They live for your launch day each spring, and will work tirelessly all winter to handle any and all services their customers can dream up.

What if your boat was stored with someone who didn’t take any shortcuts to make a buck?

M.E. Yacht Restoration’s beautiful, brand-new facility on the shores of Lake Macatawa in Holland, Michigan has radiant floor heat and floor drains to ensure your boat stays warm and dry, no matter what. Their LED motion-activated lights allow their staff to provide the highest quality of craftsmanship in buffing, detailing, and painting. Additionally, their 24/7 RFID key card access and security cameras mean you can visit your boat whenever you want with the confidence that they know exactly who is near your boat at all times.

What if your boat was transported with the safest and most sophisticated technology in the world?

The world has only one self-propelled Kropf Conolift SP-100 trailer with 100-ton lift capacity. It happens to belong to M.E. Yacht Restoration – because when you love boats as much as they do, you pursue the best forms of transit possible. Travel lifts have their benefits, but slings can be dangerous if not maintained or changed regularly. This is only one of many reasons why owner Mike Evenhouse has insisted on using Conolift hydraulic trailers since day one.

“In addition to the safety aspect, we got the new SP-100 because of its versatility, ease of use, and ability to move the 80, 90, and 100-plus footers,” explained Evenhouse. “Plus, when you use a ramp, you don’t run into the same problems you do with a well. We’re not limited by the 20-foot-plus beams that these big boats can have.”

What if your boat was delivered with concierge service?

We’re talking about the kind of service that is completely tailored to you and your ever-changing needs. With M.E. Yacht Restoration’s captain services and privately-owned launch ramp, they’ll deliver your boat to any slip in the Midwest and work their best to fit your schedule, not the other way around.

At M.E. Yacht Restoration, your boat looks how you want, works like you want, and gets delivered where you want, right when you want it. Visit today for more information.

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