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Want More Power, Speed, Performance? We Have The Solution The Best in Propeller Repair

Published: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The boats are now out and boaters in the greater Toledo, Detroit, and southeast Michigan areas are wondering where to get their props repaired. With Wolverine Propellers/Ron Jacobs’ recent retirement (we wish you well, Ron), NorthCoast Prop Tech in Huron, Ohio, can provide you with Prop Scan propeller repair technology and service for all of your running gear needs. We service all propeller makes and models from the smallest recreational boats to the largest yachts, commercial ferries, and Coast Guard vessels on the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, and beyond.

Located in the heart of Ohio’s boating region, NorthCoast Prop Tech utilizes Prop Scan Technology, a computerized marine propeller inspection system capable of measuring propeller pitch to 1/1000 of an inch. This enables precise repair, remanufacture, and modification of propellers to the very highest levels and allows for “seeing” inaccuracies in face camber and section shape that are undetectable to the naked eye.

Some boaters claim, “I haven’t hit anything, and my props look fine!” Are you sure? The amount of thrust your propellers produce can actually reduce pitch over time decreasing your boat’s performance. Don’t assume you can see damages or pitch changes to your prop. Instead, bring your propellers in for a FREE Prop Scan Analysis. We’ll let you know if they are within specification or show you specific areas which might need attention.

NorthCoast Prop Tech also measures and straightens shafts, struts, and rudders, has in-house welding capabilities, and utilizes Prop Press 360 for major pitch and tuning needs. We offer sales of new propellers and all of your running gear needs.

“I was having issues with smoke — a lot of smoke! They checked the props and found out they were 2 inches out of pitch - pretty extreme. [They tuned them] back into the right pitch and what a difference. The engines no longer smoke. Everything was right on and exactly as forecasted. Thank you.” ~ Mike M., August 2015

“Large log vs. props equals bad news. Brought props in for a quick fix, and NorthCoast got me back onto the water in no time… running way better than before. Amazed.” ~ Capt. Bill, July 2017

Let Prop Scan Technology improve your boat, yacht, or commercial vessel’s overall performance to:

  • Increase Speed
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
  • Eliminate Propeller-Induced Vibrations
  • Synchronize Multiple Engines

Visit NorthCoast Prop Tech at 2401 Sawmill Pkwy Huron, OH or online at




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