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Published: Thursday, March 5, 2015
By: Martin Flory Group


Light and sound always make for a good show. Now boat owners can bring both to their deck with the MB Quart Nautic Waketower Speakers available from Prospec Electronics. Both the 6-1/5" NT1-116 and 8" NT1-120 are available with or without a unique RGB LED lighting system, combining the best in audio and visual.

Both models use the same enclosure so owners can mix and match sizes with a clean and symmetrical look. A centering ring allows adjustment to the speaker's position so it's always right-side up, regardless of where it is mounted.

            Each illuminated speaker, models NT1-116L and NT1-120L, includes a one-of-a-kind circuit board with 18 LEDs that project a combination of colors onto the speaker cone, creating a cool light show with strobe and program options. A video of this brilliant display can be watched at The N1-RC wireless remote control, sold separately, adjusts color, brightness and speed with the push of a button on all MB Quart speakers aboard.

Boaters and their guests no longer have to bang their heads on low-hanging speakers. These tower speakers feature a recessed mounting system where part of it is within the speaker enclosure. This reduces the height of the system by as much as 6" over competitive products.

These waketower speakers will work with nearly every standard tube diameter used on popular boats. For flexible installation, eleven hardware options from 1.5" to 2.75" are included. They are die cast for strength and powder coated to resist outdoor elements, such as sun, spray and dust.

Marine certified, these waketower speakers boast a longer life against harsh conditions. Protected against sun fade with a UVA paint coating, conformal coated crossover components protect against fresh and salt water spray as well as dust and sand.

Completely sealed, the enclosure features internal steel reinforcement. Its heavy-duty ABS cast provides durability and improved bass response with increased volume, while remaining very light.

The midrange cones, titanium tweeters and rust resistant internal connectors are water resistant to IPX67 standards. A woven red aramid fiber composite spider stabilizes the cone and voice coil in all musical situations. Aramid fibers do not degrade over time and are not susceptible to temperature swings.

A 1" pure titanium dome tweeter provides a very smooth musical response, high output with minimal required amplifier power. It also has a 6.5" composite poly midrange, UVA protected, water resistant composite polypropylene cone with temperature stable Butyl rubber.

            MB Quart NT1-116 Waketower Speakers from Prospec Electronics cost $259.99, with the illuminated NT1-116L priced at $309.99. The NT1-120 are $269.99 and the NT1-120L are $319.99. The N1-RC Remote Control costs $24.99.

Contact Prospec Electronics, 3325 S Morgans Point Rd., Mt. Pleasant, SC  29466.


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