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The Dometic Cup Cooler

Published: Friday, April 17, 2015



The Dometic Cup Cooler is the first open-top thermoelectric refrigerated cup holder for boats. It replaces standard 4-inch (102 mm) cup holders. It is large enough to accommodate standard aluminum cans or 20-ounce bottles of water or soda. There is an angled bottom insert that keeps beverage containers in constant physical contact with the sidewall thermoelectric cooling element.

“It allows boaters to keep a can, bottle or any appropriately sized beverage container chilled on even the hottest days, something that a typical cup holder or koozie can’t begin to accomplish,” said Ned Trigg, Sr. VP of Global System Sales at Dometic Marine. “A soda or beer may be cold enough when you pull it out of the ice chest, but from that moment on, it starts warming up. Now, for the first time in the history of boating, your beverage will actually get colder as you drink it. The Dometic Cup Cooler brings a new element of luxury and comfort onboard.”

Designed to be marine-tough, the Dometic Cup Cooler can be flush-mounted into decks of various thicknesses. A marine-quality 316 stainless steel trim ring finishes the surface installation and is accented with two blue LED interior lights. Furthermore, the aluminum interior has a corrosion-resistant, non-stick surface for easy cleaning and built-in drain eliminates condensation, rain, and water splashes.

Powered by the house battery, control of all the boat’s Dometic Cup Coolers can be managed with a single switch or set up with zone switching. Each unit includes a low-voltage cut off to avoid a dead battery, a high-voltage cut off to prevent damage to the unit, a high-heat cut off, and an in-line fuse. The MSRP for the Cup Cooler, when purchased individually, is $199.


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