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SWAGTRON Makes Waves with Swagsurf Electric Jetboard

Published: Wednesday, August 1, 2018

SWAGTRON™, the undisputed leader in electric rideables, makes waves today with the launch of the Swagsurf Electric Jetboard. The brand’s first foray into watersports, the Swagsurf is an inflatable eSUP that can reach speeds up to 12.5 mph thanks to a brushless DC jet motor capable of cranking out 2,800 watts at 4,650 rpms.

Designed to bring the experience of riding a surfboard to those that don’t have access to the perfect swell, Swagsurf can turn nearly any body of water into an aquatic playground. A floating, waterproof, Bluetooth remote puts throttle control in the rider’s hand, making it easy to slash, carve and surf like a traditional surfboard without waves, or gently cruise for a more SUP-like experience.

“Most of us are not close enough to the ocean to be able to actually surf, but lakes and rivers are a lot more accessible,” says Jason Wakefield, director of marketing. “And with the proliferation of SUPs, people are able to explore almost any body of water. Swagsurf combines that accessibility with the thrill of surfing, no waves required.”

Swagsurf is inflatable, meaning it goes from compact for easy storage and transport to ready to ride in minutes with the included electric pump. At 7.5 feet in length, 2.5 feet wide, this electric jetboard can support riders up to 200 pounds. Constructed from durable drop-stitched PVC, the top features an anti-slip EVA diamond-groove foam deck for sure footing.A detachable hydrofoil provides additional lift and stability while reducing drag, and an optional handheld steering strap keeps riders in control. A magnetic killswitch attached to the ankle leash cuts power immediately if the rider bails, as does a proximity sensor if the board is out of range of the handheld remote.

A 48-volt lithium-ion battery is housed securely in a waterproof, sealed compartment, providing up to 45 minutes of surfing depending on rider weight, and is easily removable for charging or swapping with a fully charged battery (sold separately). A battery indicator is easily viewable while riding, so you know when it’s time to head for shore.

“It opens up an entirely new way to experience your local lakes and rivers,” says Wakefield.

The Swagsurf electric SUP is available for an exclusive pre-order now through the Indiegogo Marketplace at an introductory price of $2,599 for a limited time.

View the Indiegogo pre-order page here.

  • 2,800-watt brushless DC jet motor

  • Floating, waterproof Bluetooth remote

  • Inflatable up to 25 psi max (14 psi recommended, depending on rider weight)

  • Electric pump included

  • Removable battery

  • Magnetic ankle-leash killswitch

  • Detachable hydrofoil

  • Durable PVC construction with anti-slip EVA deck

  • 12.5 mph top speed

  • 45-minute ride time

  • 8-hour charge time

  • Inflated dimensions: 90” x 30” x 3.9”

  • One-year warranty


SWAGTRON is the industry leader in electric rideables,a having evolved as the forefront brand in its category. SWAGTRON was celebrated for being one of the first brands of electric rideables on the scene to offer certification by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent consumer product safety company. SWAGTRON continues to expand and improve its line of innovative rideable products, making alternative e-powered transportation and recreation options more accessible to everyone.

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