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Published: Friday, August 8, 2014
By: Martin Flory Group



clientuploads/news/August 2014/Dr.Shrink.jpgUsing shrink wrap to protect any size boat from the elements is essential. But, it's also important to employ the best installation accessories to ensure the vessel remains in top shape while it's covered. After the heavy winter of 2013-14, Dr. Shrink developed the new Super Cap, which is designed to transfer the weight of snow, ice and rain from the top of 2" x 4" support poles used under shrink wrap storage covers. This will help prevent support poles from poking through the shrink wrap storage covers when heavy snow sits on top of them. Pre-formed in a dome shape and 20" in diameter, the Super Cap rests on the woven cord strapping which runs both lengthwise and crosswise on boats. A Super Cap can easily be attached to wooden uprights with either a nail or staples. Measuring 20" x 20" x 6", the Super Cap from Dr. Shrink has a price of $3.45. Dr. Shrink, Inc. is a full-service, full-circle supplier of premium shrink wrap and all installation supplies and accessories. With shrink wrap immediately available in widths from 12'-60', it also offers heat tools, adhesives, zipper access doors and venting. Users should remember to shrink responsibly with Dr. Shrink, Inc. products.

Contact Dr. Shrink, 315 Washington St., Manistee, MI 49660. 800-968-5147; Fax: 231-723-9586[email protected]


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