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Sirius Signal releases nationís first Coast Guard compliant, non-pyrotechnic flare alternative

Published: Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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San Diego, CA – Sirius Signal announces the release of the SOS Distress Light, the nation’s first
and only U.S. Coast Guard compliant, environmentally safe alternative to marine flares.  The
device is now available to boat and yacht owners via the Sirius Signal website for a one-time
purchase of $99.95.

Sirius Signal’s battery-operated SOS Distress Light is safe for users and safe for the
environment.  The device uses an LED light, eliminating the need for flammable flares.  It
doesn’t expire, is water submersible, buoyant and lightweight.  With a visibility of 10 miles and
a battery life of 6+ hours, the SOS Distress Light helps you be seen for longer; A crucial feature
in an emergency situation. 

Due to the fact that there is no expiration date for the SOS Distress Light (only batteries need
to be replaced), it reduces the toxic waste that is associated with flares.  Pyrotechnic flares
pose a danger to the user and the environment, are difficult to dispose of and require frequent
replacements.  Even when disposed of correctly, marine flares contribute to the growing
amount of toxic waste and pollution of our water supply.

“[San Diego] will be a national leader accelerating elimination of marine hazardous waste with
this environmentally conscious, responsible solution,” said Sirius Signal CEO Anthony Covelli.
“An estimated 30-million flares will be disposed of nationwide in the next three years.”

The Sirius Signal SOS non-toxic electronic visual distress signal device is designed, engineered
and patented in the USA.  It meets US Coast Guard requirements for Night Visual Distress
Signals (46 CFR 161.013).  When combined with the included daytime distress signal flag, it
meets all USCG Federal Requirements.

To learn more about purchasing Sirius Signal devices or carrying our products as a distributor,
visit us at or call 888.526.0005.

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