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SC Wake Monterey Boats SeaDek- Swim Platform

Published: Thursday, April 28, 2016

SeaDek by SC Wake
is comfortable while standing, sitting, walking, or leaning on boat surfaces. SeaDek custom swim platforms serve as extra seating for your sunbathing guests. The noise reduction characteristics help when you are fishing on a sunny day or watching wildlife on one of the Great Lakes we all enjoy. SC Wake certified SeaDek installers do an exceptional job that brings safety and style to your boating and family needs. SeaDek non-skid flooring gives you traction even when wet- for diving, getting in and out of the water, and of course everyones over all safety.

SC Wake Custom SeaDek platform protects your Monterey boat deck from scratching, chipping, and even dents! SeaDek also covers cracks and flaws while preventing any additional damage to your boat surface. I love the fact that while climbing in and out of the water, my knees and legs dont hurt or get scratched from rough surfaces. SeaDek on the Monterey swim platform is a must!

SeaDek non-skid flooring is available in a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors. SeaDek is also available in a various degrees of thicknesses. SC Wake offers custom-routed logos for your business or pleasure. SC Wake can create your logo or simply send your logo in a vector file that we can upload to your cad system to create your custom swim platform pad.

SeaDek swim platform pads are easy to clean and stain resistant. Call SC Wake today! We service the Great Lakes region, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Arizona, Southern California and anywhere else you want to SeaDek the world!

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