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Nimbus Boats And Paragon Yachts Now Available On The Great Lakes

Published: Thursday, June 20, 2019

Turner Johnson Yachts is now the Great Lakes representative for Nimbus Boats and Paragon Yachts.

Nimbus Boats is a Swedish manufacturer of robust purpose built, heavy weather designs since 1968, ranging in size from 25’ through 40.5’. Their models include cruising boats in the form of Flybridge or Coupe Cruisers, Day Cruisers, the Paragon line of Offshore Boats whose slogan is “Out There. 365 Days a Year” and the all new line of 9 Meter boats - which the 9 Meter is, impressively, winner of the 2019 Powerboat of the Year Award.

The 9 Meter’s hull is long at 30.6’, with a sharp bow section and a relatively flat hull at the stern. This new hull makes the 9 Meter fast with a maximum speed of +40 knots.

The intention of the design is to ensure that the boat is secure and harmonic at all speeds, to have a minimal planing threshold. Due to its excellent balance, stability, and well-defined flair, the boat remains extremely dry without excessive spray. The cockpit provides protection for everyone on board with a large windshield.


Paragon Yachts is a division of Nimbus Boats. Paragon Yachts are made to the highest quality standards and all Paragon boats are certified by world renowned maritime certification agency DNV-GL.

Paragon Yachts has developed a new generation of uncompromising motorboats with superior performance and seaworthiness, ready to meet the toughest possible conditions at sea. Paragon safety and quality is based on extensive collaboration with sea rescue services, U.S. Coast Guard, and boat racing drivers.

It is the deep V-hull design that provides the basis for the outstanding sea keeping abilities of these crafts. To own, drive, or just to be onboard a Paragon Yacht, is a thrilling experience in itself.

For further information on the complete line of Nimbus Boats and Paragon Yachts, please contact Turner Johnson Yachts at

This article first appeared in the Launch Issue (May/Jun) 2019 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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