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New Videos On Clean Boating From Ohio Clean Marinas Program

Published: Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The Ohio Clean Marinas Program continues to promote environmentally friendly habits to the recreational boating community. In 2017, the Program partnered with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to produce a series of YouTube videos on clean boating tips. The videos offer brief, educational content on Great Lakes boating best practices to improve air and water quality. All of the videos can be found at

Key best boating practices covered in the videos include:

    • By following the ‘Clean, Drain, Dry’ procedure on your boat and equipment, you can do your part to help prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species from one waterway to another.
    • Have sturdy waste and recycling containers with lids on your boat for things like plastic, metal, glass, paper products, and monofilament fishing line.
    • Perform vessel cleaning where debris can be captured and properly disposed.
    • Following engine maintenance, NEVER dump any used solvents, waste gasoline, waste oils, engine coolants, or petroleum based products of any kind on the ground, into shop drains, storm drains, dumpsters, or open waters.
    • When fueling your vessel, place an absorbent pad over the fuel fill nozzle or under the fuel vent to collect any accidental overflow.
    • Work in a controlled area in a shop or over a tarp while sanding and painting to collect debris.

Additional information about the program, including a marina certification checklist and clean boater tips, can be found online at and can be obtained by contacting Ohio Clean Marinas Program staff at [email protected].

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