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NEW MJM Yachts 35z...

The Luxury of Effortless Driving (at 50 mph)

Published: Thursday, January 26, 2017

The 35z utilizes MJM’s unique pre-preg epoxy composite construction for a stronger, lighter, longer-lasting hull. As the Soundings technical editor commented, “Those MJMs are built like the Boeing Dreamliner, they’ll last 100 years!”  This Eco-Smart™ boat will deliver performance, efficiency, and stability not available in any other outboard-powered family day boat.  With joystick docking control, GPS station keeping, and optional Seakeeper gyrostabilizer, this versatile vessel sets a new standard for ease of operation.  Along with the proven and seakindly Doug Zurn-designed modified deep-V hull with a greater waterline length to-beam ratio, she will also have the highest rating for stability and seaworthiness for a boat under 40ft… ISO Certified Category B "Offshore."  Part of the 35z’s core DNA begins with fuel efficiency, 50-plus-mph speed and 350-plus-mile cruising range. This is achieved with twin 300s and 250 gallons of fuel capacity, unlike competing designs that need triples and 400 gallons for the same results. Read the full story here…



tags: Hull, Inland Boating

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