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Nautic Alert Decision Platform Reduces Risk of Yacht Sinking at an Anchorage, Mooring, or Dock

Published: Monday, February 29, 2016

Market Spectrum, Inc ® today announced the launch
of the Nautic Alert Decision Platform™, an intelligent and learning marine telematics solution engineered
to reduce risk of yacht sinking and early detection and notification of anchor slippage or unexpected
movement from a mooring or dock.

An analysis conducted by BoatU.S. in April 2014 revealed “more than two-thirds of the reasons why boats
sank could be considered preventable” and “69% of the boats that sank did so at the dock or while
moored.”  In many of these cases it was determined that the bilge pumps actually masked the problem for
weeks or months, “keeping up with a small leak” until it became a big leak.  Yacht components that start
to fail such as sterndrive bellows, water hoses, below waterline fittings, and drain plugs usually provide
warning signs such as an increase in the bilge water level, an increase in bilge pump activations, an
increase in the operation time of the bilge pump for each cycle, as some example indicators.  As a result,
the Nautic Alert Decision Platform™ detects bilge related events before the occurrence of a high water
condition using its advanced Multi-Fault capability, which learns the attached bilge pump characteristics
and measures the water level using high-precision ultrasonic technology from the ceiling of the bilge

When the Nautic Alert Decision Platform™ detects a bilge event in the early stages of development, it will
notify the Yacht Bridge or operating station using audio and graphical indicators and will send a timely
alert notification containing concrete data to designated remote recipients as a proactive effort to protect
people and property. “Early event detection and notification is key to reducing risk leading to losses and
sizeable insurance claims including detection of anchor slippage and unexpected movement from a
mooring or dock.  The Nautic Alert Decision Platform delivers - when it matters,” said Fernando Velado,
CEO of Market Spectrum, Inc.

“I’ve spoken with dozens of boaters that relied on less elegant solutions only to find it did not work when it
mattered” said Nick Velado, VP of Market Spectrum, Inc.  “Unlike other products, our solution eliminates
the use of on / off float switches using precision engineering, in which everything is measured and
articulated to the end-user well in advance of a high water condition, in most cases.  Even our Geofence
technology uses proprietary analysis of real-time conditions to reduce false alerts, so you can get a good
night’s sleep without having to continuously wake-up and ensure your yacht is still where it should be” –
Nick Velado

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