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MJM Yachts 40z: Perfect for the Great Lakes

Published: Thursday, August 4, 2016

MJM Yachts 40z cruising at 35 knots and powered by twin 370 HP Volvo Penta IPS 500’s.


The MJM Yachts 40z is an eco-smart, thoughtfully created, game-changer built with advanced composites and possessing superior handling. Her strong, lightweight prepreg epoxy/Eglass/Corecell hull results in a very low center of gravity, which translates into greater stability and seaworthiness as well as an impressively comfortable, no fatigue ride. Along with the Nordhavn 40, she is one of only two 40’ yachts ISO Certified CE Mark Category “A” ocean.  The 40z has been described as “perfect” for the Great Lakes, since they are essentially inland seas.  Her stability, innovative flush deck layout, and side boarding doors will ensure twice the fun for you and your family.  Her speed will ensure that should the weather turn, you can outrun it, and her fuel efficiency means less trips to the fuel dock.  So what makes an MJM so stable?  Many factors… including cutting edge design, advanced engineering, and superior materials. Learn more in the Yacht Stability article…



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