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Launch into Fun with The Launch Pad

Published: Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Launch Pad is a Hydraulic Swim Platform, made by SeaFab, LLC. You may be thinking, out of
all the swim platforms out there why choose this one?
First and foremost, The Launch Pad is a smaller platform which lessens the stress and drag on
your boat. It is also the most practical lift on the market. It can lift up to 1000 pounds, and the
lift mechanism is made entirely out of stainless steel; so not only does it look sharp, it is very
durable. It’s great for swimmers and pets to use too! Plus, custom accent colors are available so
it can match your boat.

SeaFab, LLC also sells fold out chocks that can replace any existing fixed chock system. The
chocks are placed in a 5” deep fiberglass pocket that can be put in any deck or swim platform.
They eliminate many of the problems that come with fixed chocks such as; tangled dock lines,
stubbing your toes, and cluttered surfaces. Color accents are also available for the chocks
allowing you to keep them matching your boat.

In 1998 Stephen, the creator of these products, was working as a Commissioning Captain for
Sea Ray Boats, this started him on the path that would lead to him creating The Launch Pad.
After a few other business endeavors, Stephen eventually started a new company called
SeaFab, LLC where he was able to sell the new lift that he had designed. This product was called
The Cradle Lift, and after a slow start things began to pick up for him in 2005. Around the same
time Stephen introduced the first single cylinder Hydraulic Swim Platform using a mechanical
lock system. Since then, he has continued to innovate and create more quality products such as
The Launch Pad.

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