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ISO CE Mark Category A “Ocean” Rating

What Does It Mean?

Published: Thursday, April 14, 2016

MJM made it a primary objective that all MJMs would be certified at the highest level of safety
possible… which meant those models under 40 feet are ISO CE Certified Category B
“Offshore”, while the 40z and 50z are Certified ISO CE Category A “Ocean”. There are no other
boats of their type, of any size, achieving this high level of offshore safety. In fact, the only two
40 foot designs we’ve identified in the worldwide database of the International Marine
Certification Institute (IMCI) are the MJM 40z and the Nordhavn 40.  The former achieves this
with a low vertical center of gravity and the latter massive tonnage. What does ISO Certification
mean and how should it affect one’s peace-of-mind on the water?  Let’s take a look at the
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