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Hoty Marine Group to Acquire Battery Park Marine Services

Published: Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hoty Marine Group is pleased to announce the addition of Battery Park Marine Services, located at 1231 First Street in Sandusky, to its marina portfolio. Battery Park Marina will remain an independent operation, captained by Paula Rengel.

Moving forward, Battery Park Marine Services, which provides winterization, storage, and repairs for watercraft, including power and sailboats, will be headquartered at Venetian Marina, located at 2035 First Street in Sandusky. Hoty Marine Group plans for major capital improvements to the building and grounds in order to enhance the level of service for its customers and provide additional protection and security.

Hoty Marine Group and its affiliates have owned and operated marinas along the shores of Lake Erie for 30 years. Since 2010, Hoty Marine Group has added 68,000 square feet of boat storage buildings to its portfolio at Venetian and Son Rise Marinas. The purchase of Battery Park Marine Services adds an additional 96,000 square feet of inside heated storage capabilities.

Interestingly, nearly 20 years ago, the Hoty family had pursued a purchase of this property and with the deal nearly inked, buried a cross on the site. In a twist of events, the property was sold to another buyer, and the Hoty’s sunk their investment dollars a few doors away, renovating the former Barr Rubber plant and constructing Son Rise Marina. With the ink now dry and that cross still buried on the property, the Hoty’s are renaming the site Cross View Marine Services.

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