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Hobie 2016: A New Way to Have Fun on the Water

Published: Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hobie® has done it again. They have married their renowned MirageDrive® pedal system with 65 years of boardsports expertise to create a totally new kind of Hobie fun. Introducing the world’s first Mirage stand up pedal boards: Hobie Mirage® Eclipse 10.5 and Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12. It will now be just as easy for fun seekers to stand on the board and pedal with the new MirageDrive, as it has been for Hobie kayakers to pedal the original MirageDrive. Using these boards is as intuitive and stable as walking. Step on and go—no seat, paddle, or overboard splashes required.

The engineering is simple. A natural stepping motion cycles the large topside pedals connected to powerful underwater fins that efficiently power the Eclipse as slow or fast as desired. The fins fold against the board for shallow water and beach landings.

The steering controls on the aluminum alloy handlebar could not be simpler. Squeeze the right caliper, go right. Squeeze the left caliper, go left. The handlebar adjusts from 36 to 43 inches high to accommodate a range of rider statures, from kids to tall adults.

The rudder offers pinpoint stand up control unique to the Eclipse. It kicks up in shallow water, and can also lock into place for improved tracking when the Eclipse is used as a traditional SUP. Large EVA deck pads provide carefree, high-traction footing, and enhanced comfort for all-day rides. There is plenty of room for extra gear, or the family dog to perch on the stern. Cargo Bungees® on the aft deck secure gear. MSRP: Hobie Mirage Eclipse 10.5, $2499; Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12, $2599.

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