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Published: Thursday, January 29, 2015



         Dangerous situations occur wherever water and electricity meet, especially when mismatched electrical systems are involved. Superior quality products can help prevent disaster. Known for its consistent attention to detail, Hubbell Marine's YQ230 Intelligent Y Adapter is ideal for when a boat owner with a 50A, 125/250V requirement docks in a marina that can only provide a 30A, 125V. The YQ230 helps correct this incompatibility.

            This adapter combines two oppositely-phased 30A, 125V receptacles to provide 30A, 125/250V of power. It features a three-pole contactor that breaks both hots and neutrals, preventing the possibility of a live plug when not engaged. This also helps ensure adequate voltage and proper wiring exists at the marina prior to plugging in.

The advanced YQ230 Adapter has fully molded plugs and connector. Its 50A connector mates with the boat's male cordset end, while its two 30A plugs connect to 30A shore power.

            Like all Hubbell products, the YQ230 delivers features and durability that cannot be duplicated. Environmentally sealed against humidity, fog and rain, it also has a UV-resistant, high-impact housing. Sealing grommets keep moisture out. Cord clamps prevent strain on terminals and a safety indicator light lets users know when power is on.

Hubbell Marine's YQ230 Intelligent Y Adapter has a price of around $400.

Made in the USA, Hubbell electrical products are built with the highest quality terminations and materials. For more than 70 years, the company's products have set the standard for the industry. Its marine electrical products include UL Listed shore power inlets, cablesets, adapters, plugs, connectors, weatherproof plates, ground fault receptacles and accessories from 15-200 amps.

Contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, 40 Waterview Dr. Shelton, CT 06484. 475-882-4838; Fax:

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