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Great Lakes Flyboards: The Cure for Summer ‘Boardom’

Published: Thursday, August 11, 2016

We at Great Lakes Flyboards pride ourselves on being Michigan’s premier flyboarding company. We provide the ultimate experience for thrill seekers and action enthusiasts. If you enjoy jet skis, boats, snowboarding, paddle boarding, surfing, or just swimming in the water, flyboarding is a must.

We started business in the summer of 2012, in order to show off our flyboard we started traveling to different lakes and festivals. Everywhere we went it drew the most attention and as a result we had no problem renting it out to customers. We now offer 3 different units: the flyboard, jetovator, and hoverboard—all powered by jetskis. We offer single flights at Cass Lake and Ford Lake, our equipment can also be rented for all day for parties and events. We also try to make it to all the festivals and boat parties in Michigan, including The Cherry Festival, Torch Lake, Jobbie Nooner, Coast Guard Fest, and Hot Boat Weekend.

Sometimes referred to as the jetpack or hoverboard, flyboarding uses jet propulsion technology to allow the participant to fly above the water at safe heights, or swim in the water like a dolphin. Great Lakes Flyboard can accommodate any group. So if you are looking for something to do while on vacation, or a local wanting to try out something new, flyboarding is safe, easy to learn and will provide memories for a lifetime.

The flyboard has been out since 2011. We are dealers for all flyboard products, as well as dual impellers from Skat-trak. The dual impeller is great for flyboarding. The jetovator is another product of ours, it looks similar to a bike and flies in the air like the flyboard except instead of standing, you sit on it and you use the handle bars to maneuver. The hoverboard looks similar to a snowboard and lets you maneuver in the air like an actual flying hoverboard. You can purchase a 2015 flyboard for $6200, the jetovator runs around $6500, and the hoverboard flyboard bundle is $7300. We install and provide training for all of our customers.

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