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Getting Ready For Fall Fishing

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Published: Tuesday, September 10, 2019
By: Chad Lapa

At this time of year, with summer winding down, many anglers are getting ready to put their boats away for the winter. As we pull our boats out of the water and get them ready for storage, it’s a great time to take a close look at what is on the boat and what you might need to buy, fix, or replace for the following year, particularly safety items.

The off-season months provide time to shop for any items you may need for the coming year. Not only will this help you feel like you’re still taking part in the hobby you love even when the snow is falling outside, but you can also often take advantage of good sales and start the following season with all the supplies you need.

As of the writing of this article, here are the fishing reports from each of the Great Lakes:

Lake Ontario Fishing Report

We are seeing reports of large king salmon and brown trout catches this season, and the fishing has been great.

Lake Erie Fishing Report

From Lake Erie, we’ve been seeing walleye being caught in large numbers and sizes. Additionally, we’re getting good reports of smallmouth bass.

Lake Huron Fishing Report

Reports from Lake Huron have been showing limit catches of walleye; it’s just a matter of knowing where the schools of fish are moving from one day to another. Nice salmon catches are also being reported.

Lake Michigan Fishing Report

We’re seeing reports of salmon weighing in at over 30 pounds from Lake Michigan. Several reports of lake trout catches have also been coming in.

Lake Superior Fishing Report

From Lake Superior, we’re seeing reports of great catches of lake trout. Reports of salmon catches have also been coming in from this region.

While you might not be out on the water fishing as much this time of year, we can look ahead to the fishing related opportunities that present themselves year round. Part of that is the chance to connect with other anglers to share photos, stories, and memories from this season and trade tips for the next one. The nearly 35,000 members of,, and provide a great way to stay informed right from your own computer before you even leave the house for a fishing trip. We would like to say thank you to these online communities for keeping us up to date with relevant news from the Great Lakes.

This article first appeared in the Fall Issue (Sep/Oct) 2019 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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