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Expensive Gelcoat and Nice New Lines?

Chafe is your enemy!

Published: Friday, May 15, 2015


You have seen it or maybe it has happened to you, a dock or mooring line frayed to the point of snapping. Or a gorgeous new finish marred by a scratchy fender and spring lines. Maybe you’ve even lost some lines or worse yet, your boat that was tied to an old wooden or concrete dock. Whatever the case what did you do about it?

Chafe can be your worst enemy but it can be prevented. A variety of options have existed for years, mostly homemade and downright ugly — fire hose, garden hose, pantyhose, old carpets, rags, and even leather. And when you want to remove these, you have to cut them off and start over. Enter Chafe-Pro. Originally made for the Coast Guard and Navy and now they are available to you.  Chafe-Pro is the originator of removable chafe gear and the only ones to receive an Editor’s Choice award and a rating of “Excellent” from Practical Sailor magazine. All their products are designed to withstand the harshest of marine environments and are completely removable for inspection or repositioning of lines. But they don’t stop at protecting lines they offer the perfect protection for your gelcoat and paint with the softer side of Chafe-Pro: the Wooly®, made from imported New Zealand sheep wool. Best of all, Chafe-Pro products cost far less than buying new lines and finishes. Unless you prefer keeping the boatyards and chandleries busy.


For more information visit or look for Chafe-Pro products throughout the Great Lakes.

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