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Published: Thursday, November 20, 2014


Davis Instrument's DockShockle is a fast, easy way to add a shock absorbing element to dock lines. Available in black, the 12" DockShockle safely absorbs shock loads on smaller, lighter boats up to 40'.

It features a patented line limiter and progressive tension design to ease constant or sudden shock loads. It also has a 316 stainless steel carabiner on each end to allow for quick, simple and easy adjustment.

DockShockle is made of 2,500 lb. test nylon webbing with an outer sheath of 3,500 lb. test tubular nylon webbing. This material is UV resistant to protect all internal parts. The webbing is 12" long. For optimal DockShockle performance, the ideal working slack in a line is 3 to 6". Like all line snubbers, DockShockle is used in line with the load.

For easy attachment to braided or twisted lines up to 3/4", Davis includes a pair of Mini-LineGrabbers. These create quick, secure attachments using a basic Prusik knot. Each Mini-LineGrabber measures 7" long with a sewn loop at each end.

            One 12" DockShockle with a pair of Mini-LineGrabbers included is available from Davis Instruments for only $49.99.

Shockles products are US designed and tested to reduce shock loads that commonly occur around boats. On a dock or mooring line, tensions are constant from tidal surges, wakes, winds or currents, continually wearing on a line. By reducing shock loads with DockShockle, lines last longer and wear and tear to cleats is minimized.

Contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA  94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188[email protected]

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