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Do You Own One Of These Innovative Boat Tables?

Published: Friday, December 4, 2020

Docktail® Bar manufactures premium, marine grade, food and beverage accessories for boaters and floaters.  Our tables allow boaters to organize all their favorite food, drinks, and snacks and provide a stable platform to host a party, serve lunch or catch dinner. Whether you are cruising, rafted up, anchored, docked, fishing or swimming, our products help enhance your day on the water. Take your dock party or boat outing to the next level with portable, versatile, Docktail® Bar boating accessories.

Steve and Amber Fill are the creators of the Docktail® Bar line of food and beverage caddies.  Here is their story about how they started in the boat tale business.

“We are both passionate about fishing and love spending as much time on the water as we can with friends and family, whether on a beach or in a boat.   While boating we noticed cup holders available everywhere, but nothing that held different sized cups and bottles, and more importantly nothing coupled with multiple mounting options, thus allowing the bars to be placed on boats of all sizes and types. So we visited several marine supply stores where we noticed there was no accessory commercially available that allowed boaters to enjoy a beverage in an organized manner.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, we always get drinks poured one way or another by reaching in buckets, hatches, coolers and fishing around for bottles, cups, and mixers, while delicately balancing on gunnels, or on leaning posts or with friends holding and pouring drinks at the same time.  Bottom line is that there was really no system for organizing cocktail hour on a boat.  So we decided to create the Docktail® Bar, a multifunctional portable boat table. 

Now your bottles, mixers, and cups can be presented in an attractive well-organized way.  There will be no more reaching around in dark hatches and fishy buckets for drinks and mixers.  They are now presented right in front of you, and you have a system to serve and be served on your boat. Boats are always rocking so the Docktail® Bar is designed to hold your bottles and mixers upright so they won’t slide around.  We have different inserts that reduce the size of the holes in the bar top that allow many different sized bottles to be securely stored.  We even have an insert that fits in the top and acts as a cutting board for fruit and other garnishes.  There are also three central holes that can hold small cups that act as inserts to hold your lemons and limes or straws and napkins or however you want to accessorize your bar, or hold 12 oz. cans and bottles.  In short, the Docktail® Bar is a premium dry bar that enhances your cocktail experience while on the water or at your dock.

On the horizon, we have big plans for Docktail® Bar.  We are slowly creating a new brand and way to enjoy food and beverages while on the water.  As the brands build, we see line extension possibilities far beyond boat tables, but we will always remain true to what brought us here in the first place, our love of fishing, shared friendships and the memories created on the lakes, rivers, and oceans around the country.”

Cheers & Tight Lines,

Steve & Amber Fill

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