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Classic Corner: Islands, Bays, And More Islands!

Published: Tuesday, October 1, 2019
By: Captain Dennis J. Mykols

Last month, I had the opportunity to check off a long time “bucket list” item: to visit the Muskoka Lakes region north of Toronto. I had made plans a couple of times and had to cancel each time… but not this time!

The ACBS Michigan Chapter Commodore, Jack Warren, put together a well-planned, multi-day cruise on Lake Muskoka, Lake Rosseau, and Lake Joseph. We had 10 boats and were led around all the lake shorelines by local resident Chris Bullen. He took us to see some of the most beautiful scenery, massive turn-of-the-century wet boathouses, and mansions built on islands and rock cliffs.

Ronnie and I had the pleasure of riding in Greg and Maryanne Lewandowski’s beautifully restore, C.C. Continental. We were blessed with sunny skies, light winds, and temps in the low 80s. Home base was the lakefront cottage of Mr. And Mrs. Gerry Maddocks.

On Tuesday, our first stop was a tour of a classic boat collection, of Mr. Murray Walker, housed in a magnificent wet boat house, with a guest house above. Each boat in this Murry’s collection is either one of a kind, or the first or last vessel produced of that brand. We followed that tour with a nice lunch stop in Port Carling, Ont., and more shoreline cruising.

Wednesday, we cruised back up to Port Carling to lock through to Lakes Rosseau and Joseph. Like my article title states, we saw more islands and bays, and then more! Lunch was held at the oldest hotel on the lakes, The Windermere.

After a two-hour cruise back to our home base included some of the most beautiful architecture, solid rock cliffs, and crystal-clear waters. After an evening cookout and sunset, most of us were found to be plain worn out from the sun, wind, and our full bellies.

Ronnie and I have cruised some of the best lakes and harbors in the Midwest, and we believe we have found our new, most memorable cruising location. Previously, we had always thought our week of cruising the 1000 Islands area in 2012 could not be beat! In mid-September, we will be going back to the 1000 Islands for the 2019 ACBS International Boat Show in Alexandria Bay, NY. To be able to cruise the top TWO areas on our Favorites List in the same year, well, it will make for a summer to remember.

Make sure you put The Muskoka Lakes region near the top of your bucket list.

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