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BRIG: The Global Force in RIBS

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Published: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

BRIG, the world’s largest manufacturer of rigid inflatable boats (RIBS) is making waves in the US. Now, dealers have the opportunity to come on board and share in the success of the global behemoth in the RIB market.

The top selling RIB brand in Europe, acclaimed for its aerospace pedigree, innovation and commitment to R&D with at least 8 models launched each year, BRIG does nothing by halves.

Establishing US headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and Annapolis, BRIG USA has staked its claim on the local market with the world’s biggest warehouse and showroom dedicated to RIBS – 72,000 feet showcasing BRIG’s versatile, go-anywhere models ranging from 8 to 33 feet.

BRIG USA, headed up by Dealer Manager and seasoned boat industry professional Vince Palmeri, has boats warehoused in Fort Lauderdale and Annapolis MD, and provides an array of benefits for dealers with a proven structure and support: branding/marketing, boat shows, databases, product training, and more.

Loyalty to the family of BRIG RIBS is growing fast. In the Great Lakes region, the dynamic Navigator 610, Navigator 520, and Eagle 650 are proving to be safe, stable, sturdy sport boats for family fun on the water. An excellent watersport platform, trailerable and low maintenance, BRIG RIBS are lighter weight than a comparable-sized aluminum or fiberglass boat, require less towing power on the road, and less outboard power on the water. That equates to less fuel consumption and more fun!

Made of premium quality hypalon, which is UV and climate resistant for endurance and longevity, BRIG tubes work as fenders against other craft and, for swimmers, climbing back on board is easy. In all conditions, BRIG tubes cushion the effects of the swell, for a soft, safe, dry ride.

To find out more about the exceptional opportunities BRIG USA can offer, get in touch at [email protected].

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