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Black Is The New Bronze

#1 Trusted Marelon® Composite Plumbing By Forespar

Published: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Look, nothing can quite ruin a great season on the water like a rusty thru-hull or a corroded seacock. The hassle of repair, the expense, the frustration, not to mention the unnerving risk of failure while out on the water… but, how do you make a conscious and confident decision to move away from the reliability and durability of bronze? Use plastic plumbing parts? Certainly not. More bronze? Nope, not when the same thing will happen all over again.

Enter Marelon® by Forespar Products Corp. of California. Honestly, "enter" is the wrong choice of word since Marelon has already been around for over 35 years! In fact, most boats have some type of Marelon product already in use. Bet you didn't know that, but it's true. With over 350 builders using Marelon products, there's a really great chance you already have some on your boat. From thru-hulls and seacocks to strainers, ball valves, vented loops, hose connectors and more, Marelon from Forespar has something for every plumbing need.

So, what is Marelon? Simply put, Marelon is the modern material solution for marine plumbing systems. Marelon is glass-reinforced composite polymer components using resins and additives to produce an extremely strong marine-grade product that will not deteriorate like traditional bronze marine plumbing parts. It will never corrode, it can be used above and below the waterline, it's compatible with bronze fittings, and it costs less. There is no bonding (electrical) required, it's configured to fit tight machinery spaces, has minimal maintenance requirements, and installs easy. Marelon will accept adhesives and coatings (bottom paints) easily, it can be used on aluminum, steel, wood, or FRP hull forms, has excellent chemical resistance to harsh bilge cleaners, can be used with or on any metal fittings, and, most importantly, provides long term reliability.

Marelon is ABYC compliant, U.L. Approved, and is ISO 9093-2 Certified. Need more? You just need Marelon. And, you can find Marelon in just about any marine supply store or online. Ask for it by name! For additional information, visit, call toll-free 800.266.8820, or email [email protected].


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