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Author Gaspare Marturano Presents New Book

World Coast Guards: Global Sea Guardians

Published: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

An insightful guide to Coast Guard agencies worldwide – available at now in paperback at and anywhere books are sold.

Author and Entrepreneur Gaspare J. Marturano is proud to announce the official publication of World Coast Guards: Global Sea Guardians, an insightful guide to Coast Guard agencies worldwide.

"Coast Guard men and women, in the United States and abroad, are the unsung heroes of the
armed forces. They are the first line of defense in fighting terrorism, drug trade, and piracy
throughout the world. As a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, I have immense respect
for those who have made a career out of protecting our waterways and conducting heroic
rescues in some of the worst sea conditions imaginable. This book is dedicated to these brave,
hardworking servicemen and women, in sincere thanks for all that they do,” said Marturano.
Mr. Marturano is proud to donate a portion of the profits from the book to support the
construction of the new U.S. National Coast Guard Museum, which is set to open in New
London, Connecticut, in 2017.

Vincent W. Patton III, 8th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (retired), who wrote the
Forward for the book, commented: “This book is about a nucleus of services throughout the
world that perform one of the most important task and humanitarian mission of all – the saving
of life at sea. Mr. Marturano shines a light on how countries throughout the world value their
Coast Guards as an integral part of their national security and economic efforts. It’s a great read
for boaters, travelers, and anyone who has a curiosity about maritime safety and security.”

About The Book

Coast Guard, Coastguard, Coasties, Puddle Pirates, Maritime Police...there are scores of
official and unofficial names and descriptions for groups providing Coast Guard services;
however, they all operate with some fairly common goals and missions. Among the most
important of their roles is to provide what is known as SAR, or search and rescue, it is
significant to note that in a marine environment, SAR can mean operating in some of the worst

conditions and settings imaginable. This sort of pattern repeats itself in any and all Coast Guard
services; however, there can also be a military, customs, security, and educational element to
any Coast Guard service. Thus, the services implied by the title “coast guard” go far beyond
those provided along coastal areas alone.

World Coast Guards: Global Sea Guardians is available in paperback format (ISBN:
9781530231348, 160pp, $24.99) everywhere books are sold. For more information, please

About The Author

Gaspare Marturano is the Founder and Editor of The Maritime Network, serving the maritime
industry with news and events since its founding in 2007. The group started on LinkedIn with
just 6 members and today boasts over 140,000 across its website and social channels.
Gaspare is a past board member of the Marine Marketers of America. He serves as a National
Staff Officer in the Public Affairs Directorate, Flotilla Staff Officer Marine Safety and
Environmental Protection, Certified Vessel Examiner, and Instructor in the United States Coast
Guard Auxiliary. He is a well-respected social media and digital marketing thought leader,
industry speaker, and the author of Socialize With Me or Someone Else Will.

When not on the water working, Gaspare enjoys spending time cruising Candlewood Lake with
his family in Brookfield, Connecticut, always practicing safe boating.
To learn more about Gaspare Marturano, please visit

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