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A Conversation With Patrick Brizio

On Bringing Back Bitter End

Published: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

During these unsettling times, much comfort can be had from thinking of one’s happy place - we know for many of you that place is Bitter End. We also remind ourselves that life’s storms prove the strength of our anchors. The Bitter End family has been through a lot over the last fifty years; as a community, we will come out of this moment in our collective history stronger and more resilient. With that in mind, we spent a few minutes this morning talking to Patrick Brizio, BEYC's General Manager who is overseeing our redevelopment. We think you will see why the Bitter End Crew is thrilled to have Patrick at the helm in the quest to Bring Back Bitter End.

Q: Welcome Aboard, Patrick. How has it been settling into your new role as General Manager and Owner's Representative for Bitter End Yacht Club's redevelopment so far?

A: This project is a lot like rebuilding a small village. Each day presents new opportunities on the construction project and the long term redevelopment of our spectacular 64 acres. My wife Victoria and I have appreciated the warm welcome of the local community and our children have enjoyed visiting us in the Caribbean—where they spent many formative years growing up in St. Lucia. It is truly exciting to be at the helm of the journey to bring back Bitter End.

Q: Speaking of bringing back Bitter End, how has your prior experience prepared you for what lies ahead in the coming months?

A: I have spent the lion's share of my professional career working on remote island development projects. My past experience as both a General Manager and a Development Director has taught me how to find creative solutions and get challenging things done in far-flung places. Brizio has managed and developed properties in St. Lucia, Lyford Cay, the Seychelles, Asia, and the Maldives.

Q: So being at the helm of a property where everything comes and goes by water should be a piece of cake?

A: Since travel and transport by sea is often the only way to get goods, materials and people from one place to the next, careful planning and forethought is required every step of the way. And while it's no piece of cake, it is an adventure...and the journey is well worth the effort. Prior to Brizio's hospitality and development career, Brizio served in the Royal Navy for 14 years, as director of marine engineering, shipbuilding, and building engineering services for the Ministry of Defense properties and naval bases.

Q: What is your favorite activity in, on, or around the water?

A: Having been in the Navy for close to twenty years, being around boats is second nature to me. I love playing around on the water, but if I had to pick one activity, it would be Scuba Diving. I really look forward to spending more time with the awesome team here at Bitter End-based Sunchaser Scuba and exploring the beauty of the underwater world in the BVI.

Q: We note that some of your past positions have included significant green initiatives. Can you tell us a about what is happening at Bitter End on that front?

A: I am always looking for ways to mitigate a project's environmental footprint. Rebuilding Bitter End has presented many amazing opportunities for us to do just that. In the aftermath of Irma, we rescued 45,000 feet of timber in addition to tons of concrete, pavers and stone—all to be upcycled and utilized in earthworks, retaining walls and other architectural features. As a result, there will be lots of familiar feelings and materials incorporated into Bitter End 2.0.

Q: Thanks for chatting with us Patrick. We will let you get back to the task at hand. Any closing thoughts?

A: My family and I have been extraordinarily fortunate to be part of the Caribbean community throughout our lives. Being a part of Bitter End's next chapter is an awesome opportunity for our team. We all look forward to bringing back Bitter End to her former glory...and then some.

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