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3Di Gets Refined In 2020

Published: Thursday, February 13, 2020

Throughout 2019, the whole North Sails machinery has been focused on advancing the 3Di concept. Designers, engineers, and material experts were challenged to refine the sail structures, to redefine the 3Di offer under a new focus: Rightweight. As a result, the latest 3Di sails are lighter and offer better shape-holding and higher structural strength without sacrificing any of the product’s celebrated durability. Magic or smart engineering?

3Di arrived in 2010 and set a new benchmark in sailmaking. Starting from the professional end of the market, the concept has now evolved and expanded across the whole North Sails portfolio and, today, 3Di is the basis for a full range of products including Endurance, RAW, Ocean, or Nordac. It is a key part of life on the water for any sailor, from record breaking offshore trimarans to cruising yachts of all sizes.

For 2020, North Sails decided to focus on reducing weight by scrutinizing every ply on every sail type for every material in order to get the rightweight for every sail.

“The evolutionary process of 3Di design, engineering, and construction illustrates our commitment to constant improvement and the ability to apply the precise amount of material in any given location on the sail to accomplish the best results in performance and shape retention,” explains Keith ‘KC’ Church, sail expert at North Sails Chicago.

With an unparalleled understanding of material properties and a singular focus on improvement, the North design team are delivering a new generation of 3Di sails. Load-carrying filaments are now placed even more precisely in smarter sail structures and corner patches have been optimized. Mainsail reef points have been restructured to orient more tapes horizontally and batten rosettes have been reduced in size and density to save weight and make the sail less stiff.

“This technology is fairly fast moving and the potential for enhanced performance has expanded and will keep moving forward,” continues KC. “3Di Raw, Endurance, Nordac, and Helix sails are all benefiting from the commitment to build sails the rightweight.”

A win-win for North Sails clients, learn more about the 2020 North Sails 3Di Product Line by contacting your expert in Chicago, Toronto, or any other location found at


 This article first appeared in the Winter Issue (Jan/Feb) 2020 of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine.

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