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Hovercraft - Universal Hovercraft Introduces the Renegade series to the Marine Industry

Published: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 2014/hovercraft1 copy 1.jpgUNIVERSAL HOVERCRAFT, A ROCKFORD, IL COMPANY, hads been dramatically gaining exposure in 2014, chiefly by introducing the Renegade series Hovercraft to the marine market with global acceptance. Established in 1967, Universal Hovercraft has been a forerunner for Hovercraft development and innovation. Unveiling the Renegade series Hovercraft at the 2014 Miami International Boat Show, followed by the Palm Beach Boat Show, Universal Hovercraft reintroduced the marine industry to an old but new concept of water toy.

The Renegade is such a unique product due to its versatility.Land, water, ice, snow, and sand are no match for this machine. Seamless transitions from land to water and vice versa put this product into a class of its own. It is a personal hovercraft vehicle anyone can own and operate!

Universal Hovercraft has recently teamed up with Florida’s Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore in Dana Beach, Florida.Nautical Ventures sells everything from kayaks to cruise ships—and now they sell Hovercraft. This partnership has proven to be a synergistic success. Now, with a premier Florida dealer on hand, the partnership is continuing to expand.Universal Hovercraft and Nautical Ventures have teamed up to take on the 2014 Panama International Boat Show to secure Hovercraft sales for the developing Nautical Ventures International Marine Superstore. This partnership is sure to secure the gateway to South America for Universal Hovercraft.

The Renegade series Hovercraft is just one of the complete lineups of Hovercraft Universal Hovercraft manufacture.Pushing innovation further, the HoverWing can hold up to six passengers and fly 10-20 feet from the surface of the water utilizing a wingspan of 40 feet. Also included are search and rescue hovercrafts, multi passenger crafts, racing crafts, crafts geared for kids, and build-it-yourself kits.

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Check out our exclusive video interview taken with Universal Hovercraft at The Miami Boat Show on At The Boat Show.

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