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Hornet Marine to unveil newest model and business strategy at IBEX

Published: Friday, September 19, 2014


 The Hornet 20 will be unveiled September 30th during IBEX at the Tampa convention
September 17, 2014: Hornet Marine is unveiling the Hornet 20, a 20-foot luxury sterndrive
center console at the international boatbuilders conference. “We are announcing the new boat at this
conference because our business strategy is to serve the customization needs of other boatbuilders.”
said David Hartmann, President. “IBEX is a perfect forum for us to showcase our capabilities to
boatbuilders, designers, and sales brokers.” “We started as a high end boat builder, we are now a
service business focused on customization. Hornet Marine will satisfy the needs of the most
uncompromising customer.” The unveiling will be at slip number 21C in conjunction with PlasDeck Inc.
Hornet Marine’s skills and capabilities are most valued by companies that need high quality custom
work and low production volume. Hornet Marine is catering to the needs of those building a custom
yacht tender, manufacturer’s concept boat, or a custom rigged production model. Offering services to
other boatbuilders, allows builders to enter new markets where custom work is a requirement.
The Hornet 20 is a one off design. Hornet started with a base hull and did extensive fiberglass
modifications. A mold was made to integrate vents into the topside. There is a fold out secondary
instrument panel for lesser-used features. These are just a few of the small details that are incorporated
into the Hornet. By anyone’s account, the Hornet 20 is one of the most elegant, sophisticated, and
thought-out 20-foot boats ever produced.
Hornet Marine enables any quality boatbuilder to enter into the high end custom market without
taking resources away from their production line. For some, having a presence in this market might be
good just for marketing. For other manufactures Hornet’s process allows for testing of new markets.
Hornet is also at IBEX to offer some of their custom made components for sale to other boat builders.
About Hornet Marine
Hornet Marine was established in 2009 to build high quality and customizable 17-foot sport
runabouts. After designing a boat for use on a mega yacht, Hornet Marine restructured in 2013 as a
custom boatbuilder. Along with providing excellent customer service, Hornet Marine aims to deliver the
most fun and safest experience on the water today. For more information on Hornet Marine, visit

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