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We have a new product now available for 2015!

Published: Tuesday, March 17, 2015



We have a new product now available for 2015! It's an adjustable internal pile guide. We made it adjustable on assembly of a dock so that size can range to accommodate literally any size piling within the adjustable range of our holder that adjusts from 9-3/4" all the way up to 18-1/2". We also invented a new design of roller assembly for this system. For more info click here: This unit can also be set up so that it is rectangular in shape meaning one leg can be completely collapsed to 9-3/4" and the other legs be opened up to 18-1/2". With the addition of this unit to our product line we now carry over 67 different types and sizes of pile guides or pipe holders for any type of floating boat dock or marina.

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