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The Floatinator – “So your drink won’t sink!”

Published: Friday, October 9, 2015


That phrase sums up the newest product available for relaxing in the water.  

We are Tom and Taunia Rogers, and our patented, ballasted product keeps your
drink safe in even the roughest water conditions.                                                                     

The Floatinator was born four years ago on our vacation.  We had put together a
floating-cup-holder made from dog Frisbees that we had rescued from a local
grocery store’s clearance bin.  Using this ‘invention’ with our insulated cups, we
could sit on our rafts without holding our drinks or leaving them on the side of the
pool.  It was great! 

. . . Suddenly, we were awakened from our reverie by an onslaught of kids.   Much
to our surprise, even with the kids splashing about, our drinks stayed upright – at
least for a while. . . By the time our drinks became half-empty, they began to tip
over as buoyancy took over. 

That science problem put us on the path to the Floatinator.   

Being sailors, we figured that if there was a keel-like apparatus on the bottom of
the cup, the drinks would stay upright, even when empty, and that the “dog ring”
would provide stability.  So we spent the next year with our engineering pencils in
hand, working through several prototypes and production challenges, and voila’,
we finally had the Floatinator!

After selling out of product during this past boat show season (obviously a good
problem to have), giving us proof we had a great product, we realized that we
needed to streamline our production process so that we can provide for the
masses.  Lucky for us, Erik Kyle, Great Lakes Scuttlebutt publisher, found the
Floatinator at the Miami International Boat Show and introduced us to the Great
Lakes region. We are currently assembling our distribution network and getting
retailers on board for 2016.  The Floatinator is also available for pre-order now in
10 great colors that our customers inspired, for delivery before the end of this

Remember the Floatinator. . . Saving the world one drink at a time.

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