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Hook to Cooking with Mark & Debbie: The Classic "Char-Grill" BBQ Ribs

Published: Saturday, July 21, 2012 7:00 am
By: Mark & Debbie Hagendorff

Hello Boaters,

For many of us grilling dockside can be a very enjoyable event, if you have the time, BBQ ribs are always among the favorites, but may take hours to cook dockside or on a small portable grill. Here is a solution to great ribs that are simple, easy and delicious on any type of grill. First of all I always try to use baby back ribs. Look for ribs that are light in color both the meet and the fat. Second, try to pick the ones with the thinnest rib bones.

The first nine steps should be done in your home kitchen. Debbie and I generally cook 5-6 slabs at a time. After step 9 we cut the slabs into 3rds and freeze them. The 1/3 rd. slab is easy to accommodate on some of the smaller portable grills. Now when you’re read to BBQ some great fall of the bone good ribs, it’s easy. Count how many 1/3 rd. rib slabs you need, thaw them out and start grilling. All you need to do is bring them up to temp and glaze with your favorite BBQ sauce.

Barbecued Baby Back Ribs (Makes 1 Slab or 2 Servings)
1 Slab Baby Back Ribs, Back Membrane Removed
1 tbsp Salt & Pepper
1/3 cup Char Crust Seasoning, Original Flavor
As Needed Water
1 1/2 cup Barbecue Sauce of Choice / Sweet Baby Ray’s recommended.


  1. Begin by removing thin back membrane of rib slab. Season each side with salt & pepper and place on a sheet pan or roasting pan meat side up.
  2. Sprinkle approx. 1/3 cup of Char Crust Seasoning over the entire surface of the exposed meat side of the rib slab. Be sure to coat evenly.
  3. Pre-heat your grill to medium, then lightly spray the grill with non-stick vegetable spray and place seasoned ribs on grill. Cook on both sides, approx. 5 minutes per side, or until a nice char-crust is developed. Then, place the rib slab in a sheet pan with at least a 1 inch lip.
  4. Add approx. 1 to 2 cups of water to the pan. DO NOT pour the water over the rib slab, instead pour off to the side so as not to wash off any of the seasoning.
  5. Cover pan with plastic film to seal the entire top of the pan, edge to edge, and tuck any excess plastic film just under the perimeter lip of the pan.
  6. IMPORTANT—Then, over-wrap the plastic film with aluminum foil to cover completely again, tucking any excess foil under the perimeter lip of the pan. You should now have a complete ‘seal’.
  7. Bake in a 300° F oven for approx. 2 hours.
  8. Remove ribs from the oven and carefully remove foil and plastic film from the pan. Drain off any resulting liquids from pan.
  9. Allow the ribs to cool and become more firm (otherwise, the ribs may fall apart as you grill them).
  10. Once rib slabs are cooled and firm, sprinkle a light dusting of Char Crust Seasoning on the ribs and place them on a medium-high grill. Grill meat-side down only 3 to 5 minutes, or enough time to crisp them up a bit and add some color.
  11. Turn the grill down to medium heat and begin to apply the barbecue sauce while grilling approx. 3 minutes per side, per each sauce application. Typically, 2 to 3 sauce applications per side should give you a wonderful crust and flavor.
  12. Remove from the grill and serve.

We would like to hear from you with suggestions and special dishes from your galley favorites. If we use it in an article, we will send you free samples of Hook to Cook products.

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