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Galley Girl Cooks ~ Captain Joes Wet n Wild Chicken

Published: Saturday, July 30, 2011 7:00 am
By: Galley Girl Sue

Ahoy Galley Gourmets! Summer is here and it is time to kick up a wake of fun, family and friends on our fantastic Great Lakes! We are working hard here at our end of Lake Erie to do just that – making memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

We started our season out with a Great Lakes wedding!  Our C-Dock mate’s amazingly beautiful daughter Brandi had always dreamed of getting married on a yacht; and that dream came true! So cool! The dockside was abuzz about the big day. All plans were made, checked, rechecked, and tweaked until the day finally came. Perfection!

 While the bride and her maid of honor dressed on her parents' boat, the guests and very handsome groom awaited dockside and on the beautiful Rowe Boat to arrive. When the time came, bride and father disembarked the family boat with the procession following down the dockside, father presenting the bride to her groom. The Rowe Boat then departed for the wedding ceremony afloat. Of course, a flotilla flowed to cheer the happy couple on. The bride was stunningly beautiful and her Tony beamed the  whole day. A dream comes true. Now, that is living  life to the fullest.   

I’d say that was putting our Great Lakes to perfect use! Thank you, Brandi and Tony, for making the summer unforgettable. May your days be filled with health, blessings and many days on the water. 

Are the rest of you having fun at your dockside and while cruising yet? I do hope so. So many sunrises and sunsets to frame your day on the lake ~ don’t miss an opportunity to make a memory today!

Oops … a whole story with no mention of good eats … (Ok, that happened at the awesome reception! Good eats and drinks; and of course wedding dancing!) Great memories always include great food!

Safe Boating & Delicious Dishes to You!

Captain Joe’s Wet n’ Wild Chicken

2 cups Buttermilk

4 tablespoons Oil (veggie or olive)

1 teaspoon Sea Salt

1 1/4 teaspoons Course Ground Pepper

5-6 lbs Chicken (we use legs & thighs) 

3 tablespoons Mustard (we use dry ground)

3 teaspoons dried Thyme

1 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

Garlic Powder


  1. Mix in a bowl, whisk buttermilk, mustard, oil, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper.
  2. Pour buttermilk mixture in big zip lock bag(s), add chicken, turning to coat. 
  3. Seal and marinate in refrigerator for minimum of 4-8 hours.
  4. Remove chicken from marinade, sprinkle with pepper and garlic to taste. 
  5. Grill chicken on greased grill over medium heat.
  6. Close lid, grill, turning occasionally, until juices run clear when chicken is pierced.

Oh my goodness, delish!  So juicy, just a hint of heat.  Gooood!   (BBQ Sauce optional, but good too!)  Fave BBQ Sauce has to be COWTOWN! – finger lickin’ good!! Check it out.

*** Be sure to check back next month for more ~ All Yum! ***


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