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How Cool Towing Can Be

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Published: Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Years and years ago, a tow vehicle was a basic truck, nothing flashy or fancy, and a trailer was just that, a way to tow and launch your boat. Well, times have changed! Trucks and SUVs are a thing of beauty. Not only are they comfortable, spacious, and luxurious, they have many safety features that no one could even have imagined 50 years ago.

As with trucks, the boat trailer has progressed. Quality trailers are safer than ever before. Along with all-wheel braking, the trailer has an emergency braking system that activates in case of emergency. Lights are now LED, tires are now radials, bearing buddies are now replaced with Zerk/Safe-t-lube grease fittings, and the old white wagon wheel rims are replaced with modern silver wheels or a large variety of aluminum wheels.

Once a consumer has determined the correct trailer for their boat (capacity, length, bunking, bow stop), the possibilities to personalize a trailer are infinite. No longer does a trailer need to be basic black. Color possibilities are endless: match your tow vehicle or match part of your boat. If you are launching/loading by yourself, a remote control winch can be a lifesaver. If you have a tall boat, add a ladder or steps on your trailer to make the boat more accessible when on the trailer. And, if you want to really show off your boat and trailer for the night time, the new lighting options are unbelievable! Accent lighting can be blue, green, white, or even changing colors!

For larger boats on trailers, many new light options are not only very cool, but offer additional safety. Mid-frame turn signals, back-up lights, and even strobe lights illuminate the trailer from all directions. Another driver can no longer say “I couldn’t see the trailer.”

Customization is not just for the larger or more expensive boats. Storage boxes, ladders, detachable tongues, idler axles and mast carriers (for sailboat trailers), walkways, ladders, gas can racks, outboard motor racks, and even under belly freshwater wash systems have all been done. The possibilities are almost endless. So when you are ready for your next boat trailer, take the time to ask yourself: “What would I really like from my trailer?” You might be surprised at what you come up with.

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